The Best Reason To Go Solar Power


  • Set a good example
    In a few years, Solar Panel System will be everywhere. Right now the leaders and early adopters are crucial in setting a good example to show their friends and neighbors the way.
  • Create green jobs now

    What sort of future would you prefer for your children – or other children? One working in old industries facing major upheaval, or one working in the growing renewable energy sector? Acquiring a system today contributes to more green jobs for tomorrow!

  • A financial return with every sunrise
    Your Solar Savings begin when you flip the switch on your solar electric system and grow over time. It’s a great long-term investment.
  • Sell excess power to the utility company
    Talk about turning the tables! Whenever you are generating more power than you need, your meter will spin backwards and the utility company will credit you for your excess power.
  • A huge 30% federal tax credit
    Right now, Uncle Sam will pay for 30% of the cost of your new system.
  • Microgrid financing options
    Some homeowners choose to finance the part of the purchase price that the incentives do not cover. Microgrid’s “Free Solar for a Year” program allows you to pay nothing for 12 months. At the end of the year, you can pay down the loan amount with your incentive funds and roll the remaining amount into an installment loan.
  • Protect yourself from rising electricity rates
    When you switch to Solar Power, you will lock-in low, predictable electricity costs for years into the future. As utility rates continue to rise, your savings will grow every year.
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of energy independence
    There is emotional satisfaction as well as financial satisfaction in having a high degree of energy independence. You won’t be tied solely to ever-increasing energy prices.
  • Increase the value and marketability of your home
    A recent study from the University of California at Berkeley indicated that solar equipped homes in California sold for $17,000 more than comparable homes without solar. And a study from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that Solar Homes sold 20% faster and for 17% more.



Choosing A solar Installer

Choosing a solar installer can be the most challenging part of your solar buying process. While solar equipment can be classified by product specification, and financing options have costs and benefits that can be calculated and compared with consistent assumptions, Solar Company reviews with standard metrics are difficult to find.


How to choose a solar installer


Your installer should have expertise in Installing Solar Energy Systems. The gold standard is the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners’ (NABCEP’s) Solar PV Installation Professional Certification.

Solar Panel Companies should have a NABCEP-certified professional provide quality assurance for every system that the company installs, and ideally, there should be a NABCEP-certified professional on every crew.

Some installers who have been working in the solar industry since before NABCEP was formed in 2002 may not be certified. However, given the success of NABCEP, installers without the certification will need to demonstrate that they have significant expertise. Check solar company reviews especially for those without this certification.

Solar Installers should have all necessary business licenses and insurance policies, which vary by state and occasionally local jurisdiction.

Typical business licenses for solar installers include general contracting, electrician, home improvement, or home performance contracting licenses. At a minimum, installers should also have general liability insurance.

Solar Company review from past customers are great for evaluating installers, but they can be misleading. Customers providing ratings and reviews are unlikely to be a representative sample relevant to you.

However, ratings and reviews can provide a check on bad behavior – a pattern of customer complaints is probably an indication that you should work with a different installer.

How Solar Works and What Is a Solar Power System

How Solar Works

We can change sunlight directly to electricity using solar cells. Every day, light hits your roof’s Solar Panels with photons (particles of sunlight). The solar panel converts those photons into electrons of direct current (“DC”) electricity. The electrons flow out of the solar panel and into an inverter and other electrical safety devices. The inverter converts that “DC” power (commonly used in batteries) into alternating current or “AC” power. AC power is the kind of electrical that your television, computer, and toasters use when plugged into the wall outlet.

A net energy meter keeps track of the all the power your solar system produces. Any solar energy that you do not use simultaneous with production will go back into the electrical grid through the meter. At night or on cloudy days, when your system is not producing more than your building needs, you will consume electricity from the grid as normal. Your utility will bill you for the “net” consumption for any given billing period and provide you with a dollar credit for any excess during a given period. You can carry your bill credit forward for up to a year.


What Is Solar Power System

Also called a solar electric system or photovoltaic pv system, Solar Power Systems use Solar Panels to collect photons of lights from the sun and use them to create an .  To learn more about solar PV systems, please our page How do solar power system work

A photovoltaic PV solar power system is a collection of components which, when used together, produce electricity from sunlight that can be used for a variety of purposes.  There are several different types of solar photovoltaic systems including the following:


All of the system types listed above begin and end with the photovoltaic array, consisting of one or more solar panels, which converts electromagnetic radiation in the form of sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity.  This is true for any residential, commercial, or industrial solar power system.  And, depending on whether or not a system includes batteries, a solar PV system will also include a charge controller, which regulates the charge to the batteries, and an inverter, which converts DC electricity to AC electricity.  A PV system also includes cables and wiring that connect all the system components together into a complete system.

Our wide selection of solar electric systems come in various wattage configurations, or sizes.  We have Residential Solar Power kits that are capable of powering a home.  We also supply solar lighting kits for lighting up a dark sign. Providing power to scientific or oil and gas patch sensing and telemetry in remote locations is easy using our pole-mount solar kits.  The list of examples of applications that can be powered by a solar power system is long and includes numerous military and federal, state, county, and municipal government applications, transportation including street lights, traffic control, rail, and even satellites and space stations.  There is even a start-up company attempting to perfect their solar roadway invention.

Our Solar Photovoltaic Systems and kits include high-quality components that are tested and certified to the highest quality standard and are designed for optimal durability and performance for up to 25 years – and beyond.

Tips: Choosing Solar Panel And Installer

Buying Solar Panel is a solid investment, so you need to make sure that you choose the right one for you. The market has flooded with installers who claim that they are the best. If you don’t know what to look for, you may get overwhelmed by all the information. Here are some tips to help you through the process of choosing solar panels installer

How To choose Solar Panel Installer?

Your installer should be satisfied by MSC. If he is not you will not qualify for the Feed-in tariff and receive payments. it is of utmost importance that the installer you choose is MSC accredited. A good Solar Panel Installer would generally be a member of the Renewable Energy Assurance Limited (REAL), or the Solar Trade Association (STA). You should also be aware of who will carry out the actual installation. If it is a subcontracting company, you have to make sure that they are MCS accredited as well.

The installer should be willing to visit your home and take the time to give you information about the suitability of solar panels for your home. You can also expect suggestions about how to save energy and how energy efficient your home is. If the installer is not willing to take the time and evaluate your specific requirements, you will most probably not get the best installation, either.

You should ask the installer to provide you with references and testimonial from previous clients. If they have been in business for a while, they should not have a problem with giving you references. You should also do some research on the installer. Neighbours and friends could also be a great source for recommending an installer. Talking to previous customers is a great way to find out how their installation process was handled.

How much do solar panels cost?

The cost of solar panels has greatly reduced in recent years. Solar panels are priced anywhere from under a hundred dollars to upwards of five hundred dollars each these days; depending on various factors.

It’s very important when selecting the best Solar Panels to use for your Solar Power System installation to bear in mind a few crucial factors aside from the price tag; after all, your purchase decision is one you’ll be living with for a very long time.

Don’t base a buying decision on solar panel cost alone – the following are a few tips for choosing the best modules for your installation situation.

This depends on a number of factors – but generally speaking, in relation to modules suitable for use on a home and as part of a system installation; they cost a few hundred dollars each with subsidies taken into consideration.The cost of a solar panel is determined in part by the size (in Watts), the physical size, the brand, quality of materials, the durability / longevity (or warranty period) and any certifications the solar panel might have.The price you’ll pay will also depend on the number of panels as part of a package if you’re buying a full system. The more modules in the system, the less cost per unit (generally speaking).

Choose Solar Energy For Our Future


Why Choose Solar Energy 

Many home and business owners in the Las Vegas area are considering switching to solar, especially with the rising costs of energy. According to studies by the U.S. Department of Energy, in 2001 the average American family spent 12% of their after tax income on energy. By 2012, that percent had risen to 21%.  By powering your home or business with solar, you could reduce that percentage to almost nothing.  In fact, many homeowners are able to “sell back” the energy produced by their home’s solar system to the utility company.

There are a lot of ways that we can cut energy consumption and Solar Power Las Vegas is the purest and most abundant renewable energy source available in Nevada. Solar energy is practical and it has captivated the interest of many for a variety of reasons. We looked into why consumers prefer it over other renewable sources and here are some reasons why.If we’re not all familiar, biomass refers to plants, wood, sometimes even animal waste converted as source of fuel and at times electrical production. Options to purchase biomass are limited to selective areas throughout the U.S., Whereas solar energy is widely available throughout the world and even in sunny states– Nevada is no exception. Also, carbon dioxide emissions result from burning biomass. Solar energy doesn’t result to emissions, instead they to result power.Certain crops like sugarcane and other plant sources require an area of land to procreate. Solar doesn’t require hectares of land, all you need are your sturdy roofs and the precise Solar Panel Installation Las Vegas.Since Solar Panels are most effective, they are highly recommended. Conversion of the sun’s energy to electricity is 19% efficient, while biomass conversion to electricity doesn’t quite sum up to 1%. With this, solar energy is obviously more profitable.

Hydropower is  typically produced in wide- ranging dams and in some cases, waterfalls. Rivers, streams are small- scale (aka micro-hydro) sources. These sources aren’t always locally available since large dams are extensive and pricey to build. Solar on the other hand, is readily available almost anytime and anywhere.

Additionally, the building of dams affect the residents nearby and forces them to evacuate the area. Solar Panels Las Vegas only require your unoccupied roofs. With proper installation, You’re good to go!

With the effect of global warming, earthquakes included, large scale dams are a threat to the inhabitants nearby and may cause damage during these natural disasters. Large dams can also lead to unjust water supply, both locally and internationally. They affect the natural water homeostatic level, even salmon and some other wildlife.

Wind processed in windmills and turbines are the primary source of wind energy. However, they require a wide area of land, a bit noisy and isn’t ideal for the urban cities. Which is why they could only be seen in rural areas. Of course, wind energy production works best for windy places like the beachfront, on a hill or a farm land. On the other hand, solar is universal and adaptable. So if you live in a sunny state, it’s more advisable you use solar panels instead of windmills.

Moreover, windmills and turbines require maintenance while solar is ideally worry-free. Although wind turbines are initially less expensive, there are certain arrangements made adjustable to every client which makes solar power more affordable– and make quite a good investment!

Now that we’ve all compared Solar Energy to the rest of the natural energy sources of the world, it’s crystal clear how Going Solar will be the wisest decision you will ever make for the quality of your home and your savings. Without a doubt, solar is more powerful and cheaper. You will later see that your investment in Solar Energy Las Vegas will reduce your carbon imprint with a return on investment. The sun’s the most free- flowing energy source there is. Let’s make the most out of it and install solar panels in our beautiful homes for our precious earth. Get in touch with us today or give us a visit at our solar design showroom.

Benefits Of Solar Energy Panels

Benefits Of Solar Energy

Solar’s economic dividends are easy to measure in dollars in cents. By Installing Solar Panels today, it’s possible to:

  • Save on electric bills
  • Generate passive income
  • Boost your home’s property value

Solar Energy is not only sustainable, it is renewable and this means that we will never run out of it. It is about as natural a source of power as it is possible to generate electricity.The creation of solar energy requires little maintenance. Once the solar panels have been installed and are working at maximum efficiency there is only a small amount of maintenance required each year to ensure they are in working order.They are a silent producer of energy. There is absolutely no noise made from photovoltaic panels as they convert sunlight into usable electricity.There are continual advancements in solar panel technology which are increasing the efficiency and lowering the cost of production, thus making it even more cost effective.

Solar energy is a modular technology, meaning you can install as many or as few panels as you like – whenever you like. Each new kilowatt of installed solar capacity brings you bigger electricity bill savings.  With a large enough installation, it’s possible to reduce your energy bill completely. Thanks to solar energy, countless Americans already pay $0 a month to their local utility.

However large your installation, you can expect your electricity bill savings to grow with time. As utility rates increase, clean energy from the sun remains consistently free. Solar is an investment that pays increasingly large dividends with each passing year.

Solar Energy Technology dividends don’t simply benefit you – the system owner. They benefit anyone who enjoys having a cleaner and more sustainable environment (which means everyone).

How To choose Solar panel Installer And Company

Solar Power is a long-term investment, monetarily and environmentally speaking, so it’s important to take every step necessary to ensure that the system you choose to install in your home is going to be worth it later on down the line. It’s also important to ensure that the company who installs it knows exactly what they are doing.

How long will it take to install the solar panel system

A normal Solar Panel System Installation on a residential house can take less than a day and up to three, depending on the complexity and specific nature of the job. However, obtaining permits,

A licensed contractor, and a well-defined plan for installation can bump the overall process time up to a week or two, again, depending on the overall project specifics.

Obtaining a tentative timeline from your contractor is definitely a part of the process you don’t want to skip. Having contractors up on your roof is a tedious part of the process, and one that you’ll want to be fully aware of. But in the end, the overall result and savings will be well worth your time.


Certified Solar Panel Installer

Checking a company’s accreditations should be one of your top priorities in your search for the best solar company for your home.

Most companies will seek accreditation with organizations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in order to guarantee that they are a trustworthy business that adheres to sound and ethical business practices. If your chosen company does not have any accreditations, you should ask them about this. If they truly have no existing accreditations to their name, you may want reconsider your choice.

The proper certification can put your mind at ease, knowing that your solar system will be installed carefully and correctly. A desirous certification to keep an eye out for is given by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). This certification program is one of, if not the most prestigious certification programs in the Solar Power field.

If a business has this accreditation, it means the company has met an extremely strict set of requirements and standards. This arduous process involves thorough background checks, a certain amount of independent reviews, a superb customer rating, extensive testing, and a minimum span of time for established business.

Accredited businesses are less likely to make foolish mistakes and give shoddy service.So, don’t hesitate to ask the companies you are researching for proof of their qualifications or to contact the NABCEP to ensure that the Solar Power Company in question has in fact received their approval. If they’ve got the certification, they’ll be happy to share it! If they don’t or they try to brush you off, there’s your answer.


Is there outsourcing involved with your solar panel installer ?

Being involved with a company with less outsourcing will be most beneficial for you. Doing the job entirely on their own and supplying all the necessary parts will save the solar company (and by extension, you, too) time, and money.

Buying supplies from all over and then hiring an installer separately is a time-consuming task that will cost you precious dollars. In addition, if the company outsources a team of separate installers to do their own job, the quality of work may be jeopardized. You pick your solar installer because you trust them, but does that mean that you can inherently trust their subcontractors? This isn’t always the case.

Clearly, hiring a full service solar installer that will take care of every step of the process for you is the most safe, efficient, and effective option for you.

How To Choose Solar Panel Installer Company

You are looking for a Solar Panel Installer Company that is shining with good reviews and recommendations, as well as references from higher-ups. This company is fully accredited and certified with important people in their industry. They are cost-effective and are truly passionate and thorough in their work.

This company minimally participates in outsourcing, and their costs are most convenient for your solar power needs. You’ve invited them into your home, you feel comfortable around them, and have grown to trust them and their skills.

Pretty simple, right? When push comes to shove, you will eventually arrive at the one option that fits all of the above criteria. The accredited company that is overrun with satisfied customer testimonials and decent pricing is the perfect fit for you.

Residential Solar Energy Systems Cost

We often get asked how much it would cost to install enough photovoltaic (PV) solar panels on a house or business building to generate one’s own electrical energy.

There are web sites to help with this, and Solar Power  Authority even has a free solar calculator and quote tools, but they can be confusing unless you’re a technologist — so I’ve developed some simple guidelines (below) that will help put cost in perspective.

On average the total cost of solar installation can be between $15,000 to $29,000 for average sized systems sized between 4kW and 8kW.ADS solar lets you get started for as little as $0 down and helps you lower your electric bill. If you want to own your system, we do that too. If you choose to buy your system, the graph shows an average breakdown of costs of a Residential Solar Panel Installation.

Your home solar power system doesn’t have to cost a lot. When you choose a solar lease you can get your solar panel installation costs down to $0. We take care of the equipment costs, installation, permits, and we’ll even protect your system for 20 years. All you pay for is the solar energy, and save money on your electric bill each month. Here’s how it works:

Did you know that solar power already costs less than grid power in 10 states? That translates into big savings on your utility bill. Here’s why it’s happening:

Despite temporary drops in the price of oil and natural gas, utility companies continue to increase electric rates.3 Over time, fossil fuels will continue to be limited, further driving the costs up.

The Cost Of Solar Panels is falling, down almost 100 percent since 1977 (see chart) and more than 50% since 2007 alone.4

Installation costs are falling as well, as more solar providers enter the market to meet growing demand.

Las Vegas Solar Power

How do solar panels paintings?
At the same time as solar is made from a numerous suite of technology, there are 3 foremost sorts: photovoltaics (PV), sun heating & cooling (SHC), and concentrating solar electricity (CSP). owners and businesses interested in going solar are broadly speaking interested by the first two technology, at the same time as utilities and huge-scale strength challenge builders broadly speaking utilize the latter.

PV panels immediately produce electricity from daylight, at the same time as SHC technology use thermal (heat) power to change the temperature of water and air. PV panels have no shifting components, and use an inverter to change the direct cutting-edge (DC) electricity they produce to usable alternating current (AC) power. SHC technology are frequently used to warmth water for domestic or commercial use, but can also be used to warmth or cool the air in homes.

most concentrating solar electricity structures use focused sunlight to pressure a conventional steam turbine, developing strength on a huge scale. There are also concentrating solar technologies that use photovoltaic generation to supply power with out a thermal technique.

What takes place to sun panels whilst it’s cloudy or raining?

Photovoltaic panels can use direct or oblique daylight to generate energy, even though they may be only in direct sunlight. solar panels will still paintings even when the light is meditated or partly blocked by way of clouds. Rain really enables to maintain your panels operating correctly through washing away any dust or dirt. if you stay in an area with a robust internet metering policy, strength generated via your panels all through sunny hours will offset power which you use at night and different times whilst your system isn’t operating at complete capability.

How a great deal does a solar machine price?

each rooftop is exclusive, and solar installers in your location can provide the first-rate statistics on what it’s going to fee to head sun for your house or commercial enterprise. once potential solar customers start exploring their options, they often discover that the overall up-the front fee of solar is less relevant than the financing phrases, go back-on-investment, and cash flow calculation. solar leases and different modern financing fashions suggest that many humans can go solar for very little money down. some solar customers keep greater on their power payments than they are paying for his or her panels, that means that their investment is coins-waft superb from day one. research greater about the value of solar photovoltaics (PV), sun heating & cooling (SHC) structures, and the growth of the sun marketplace within the U.S.

several elements impact the fee of sun for your own home or business, along with:

Your available, unshaded roofspace. within the U.S., roofs going through south get hold of the maximum daylight.
The contemporary energy utilization in your property or business. Your modern-day power prices will affect how quickly you recoup your solar investment. additionally, the greater energy you use, the bigger system you will want to absolutely offset your strength use. Many sun installers also can help you put in power performance upgrades.
The software internet metering coverage to your vicinity. net electricity metering affects the value of the electricity your PV system feeds again into the energy grid.
The federal funding tax credit score for sun, and every other tax credit, rebates or different nation & nearby incentives for sun energy.

considered extensively, the whole lot from investments in sun studies & improvement to streamlining nearby permitting can lessen the cost of solar power to the cease-person. Browse our issues & regulations phase to study greater and get worried!

What’s a solar lease or solar electricity-buy settlement?

In a hire, a consumer will pay for the sun power device over a length of years, in place of in an up-the front fee. regularly clients should purchase sun for very little money down, and often realise energy financial savings immediately. In a electricity-purchase agreement, a consumer has the same opinion to purchase all of the power from a sun system over a set time frame. study greater about solar leases and PPAs on our 1/3-birthday celebration financing web page.

What’s a solar renewable energy credit (SREC)?

solar renewable strength credit or SRECs display that a positive amount of strength become produced the usage of sun electricity. they may be typically used at the side of nation-level renewable energy requirements (additionally called renewable portfolio requirements) to reveal that regulated entities are meeting their sun energy desires. in a single innovative version, PSE&G, a application in New Jersey, used their nation’s SREC application to provide loans to owners for his or her sun systems. The loans have been then repaid the usage of the SRECs generated by way of the clients’ sun power structures.

What rebates and incentives are available for sun electricity?

there’s a 30-percent federal funding tax credit score (ITC) for solar energy structures in location till December 31st, 2016. both residential and industrial clients can take benefit of this tax credit, and it applies to all three main varieties of solar generation; photovoltaic,sun heating & cooling, and concentrating solar technology.

further to the federal ITC, many states, counties, municipalities and utilities provide rebates or other incentives for solar power technology. Your installer can be able to provide the most up-to-date statistics on sun incentives. The Database of country Incentives for Renewables & efficiency (DSIRE) has a complete listing of sun incentives through kingdom, in addition to extra information and maps displaying sun policies across the U.S.